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Welcome to GradePokeTCG!

Your # 1 favorite resource of calculating whether you should grade your Pokemon TCG cards.

We track & extract prices of all Pokemon cards of every sets and their respective prices of ungraded, 7, 8, 9 or 10.

A Grade 7, 8, 9, 10 are considered Mint to Near Mint and are pretty much what most people are going after and buying.

You can use this as an easy resource to see whether it makes sense to get your card graded,

Not every card should get graded, so we built this site & calculator to help you in that decision.

We understand that everyone doesn’t grade card for monetary reasons; so if you have a favorite card and want to slab it, by all means, get that card graded!

Note, we use PSA since PSA is generally the agreed upon go-to grading company for grading Pokemon cards.

You are more than welcome to use other grading companies and use this as a gauge and reference point.

Because PSA have different tier levels, we factor into the price of the ‘declared value’ of the card and its associated tier level fees to calculate whether you should get a raw card graded.

For example, if a card is selling for $100, and the fee to get the card graded is $30, and a 7 is selling for $110, 8 is selling for $115, 9 is selling for $120, and 10 is selling for $125, it doesn’t make sense to get the card graded according to its current prices.

Hope this helps in your Pokemon cards collection.

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